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Thursday, November 13th 2008

12:26 PM

Tidbits from DC

Three of the four kids grew up learning to read the phonetics way. One grew up learning to read the Whole Language way. Instead of learning to sound words out, she learned to guess at the word based upon the context. A silly notion when you consider a child learning to read doesn't have context, other than the pictures in the story.

So, as I've mentioned before, our lovely daughter Konnie often comes up with the most inventive word choice. Like when she referred to Mormons as members of the Church of Christ of Saturday Laints.

This week she delighted me with more.

-- Driving past the Marine Memorial in DC with her father at the wheel and her brother in the front seat, Konnie turned and exclaimed, "Look! It's the Ema-Jima!"

--After playing one of those triangle games at Cracker Barrel in which the goal is to eliminate as many of the spindles as possible, Konnie and I left four standing. "What does that say about us?" I asked, while Konnie read off that if we'd had only one left standing we'd be geniuses. Instead, she noted, "That means we are Egg-No-Mooses."

"Egg-No-Mooses?" I repeated trying to figure out what she meant. Then doubling over the table, I laughed, "You mean Ignoramus?"

Later while trying to tell her sister her goofy enunciation Konnie said, "I said Egg-No-Moose but what I meant to say was Rigor-Mortis."



They call it inventive language and it is certainly that.

Other sights and sounds from DC:

Tim and I walked out of the hotel on Monday morning on our way to the Mall. In front of us was a lady on crutches. One foot was wrapped in a cast. On the other was the prettiest red ballet-type shoe. Patent leather red.

"If you have to wear just one shoe, I'm glad it's a red one," I said.

Tim ran into the same lady after 9 p.m. that evening outside the Capital Hilton, at K and 16th Street. Quite a hike from where we'd last seen her at 22nd and M Street. We hope it didn't take her all day long to hobble that route.

Spotted at the round-about near Washington's statue -- a pair of whitey-tidies and socks -- hung across a chain fence. Hung out to dry the DC way.

Highlight of storytelling at the Memorial -- Hearing Gen. Pat Foote sing the ditty she and fellow gals crafted and put to the tune of the Green Berets.

Konnie and I participated in Story Corps for the Library of Congress. Her first question?

"What was your biggest fear about being a mom?"

Nice way to warm up before hitting me with the hard stuff, Konnie.

Most annoying moment of the trip. Taking Konnie to try on wedding dresses and having the gal tell Konnie, "As soon as you get busy with the wedding plans you'll slim down."

Second most annoying -- trying to figure out the right code to type in to get the garage door to open for the hotel. Whatever happend to just saying Abracadabra?

Hardest part? Saying goodbye to everyone until the next reunion. Missing Gordon & Pam. Backing the car into the parking spaces in order to change America one parking space at a time, the way Tim, the Driver's Ed teacher, insists upon.   

Guess what we found this weekend?

Gas for a buck-eighty-nine in Williamsburg, VA. Now that really did harken us back to former times.




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